The Survey produces numerous educational materials including our Educational Series publications, page-sized maps, "Trail of Geology" park guides, and other sources of information. Please see our Educational Resources publications page. Also, see our page on education links.

Classroom-sized quantities of our educational publications are available free of charge to educators.  These publications include booklets, maps, and CDs.  For additional information or to order contact Jody L. Rebuck at 717–702–2073

If you are interested in the geology of a specific area,  Map 61 is a valuable web resource. Map 61 is a collection of 623 7.5-minute quadrangle geologic maps that have been scanned to 8.5 x 11-inch page size maps.  These maps are available for download in Zip format.


Poster-Sized Map

 The following wall-sized, full color posters are also available free of charge.   For additional information or to order contact Jody L. Rebuck at 717–702–2073

  • Digital Shaded Relief Map of Pennsylvania
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Land Use Map
  • Geologic Shaded Relief


Digital Data CD-ROMS


Pennsylvania Geology Interactive CD-ROM

A CD-ROM of statewide digital information that can supplement earth science classroom activities is available to teachers.  This interactive educational CD is the first phase of our expanded educational outreach program and was designed to work in the classroom or just for teachers. It has several features including collected lesson plans based on grade level. GIS data layers and Arc Explorer free software are included to view the data and make custom maps. The CD also contains our educational publications and page-sized maps in PDF format along with Adobe Acrobat Reader. There is a short movie that details what the Pennsylvania Geological Survey does. Educational games and web site links are added bonuses. The CD is free of charge and can be reproduced as many times as needed. For questions or to obtain the CD, please contact Kristen Hand at 717–702–2046.