The Pennsylvania Internet Record Imaging System/
Wells Information System (PA*IRIS/WIS):
Gateway to Detailed Oil and Gas Well Information Data

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The Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey (BTGS) developed its Wells Information System (WIS) database in 1994-1995 to manage, track, interpret, and digitally archive data from all available oil and gas well records in the Commonwealth. In 1999, the Pennsylvania Internet Record Imaging System (PA*IRIS) was developed to provide online access to, and archiving of, all scanned images of available oil and gas well records, geophysical logs, location plats, and plugging certificates in BTGS' files. These two systems were linked a few years later to provide online access to WIS as well as to improve the efficiency of scanning and indexing records into PA*IRIS.


The PA*IRIS/WIS system began as a partnership with approximately two dozen members of the oil and gas industry working in Pennsylvania, and has since grown to over 250 partners in the public and private sectors throughout the United States and other countries. Our recent growth in membership has come mainly from operators and land title companies who are exploring the Marcellus shale-gas play here in Pennsylvania. The system provides partners with 24/7 remote access to hundreds of thousands of scanned documents covering current and historical location plats, well record and completion reports, directional drilling survey reports, hydraulic fracturing fluid composition information, and plugging certificates. The PA*IRIS ftp site houses geophysical log files in raster (.TIFF) and digital (.LAS) formats.


Figure 1 – Example of a location plat in PA*IRIS. Historically, BTGS has maintained well locations in the North American Datum (NAD) 1927 geographic coordinate system (GCS), but as of March 2010, well location data are now collected in the NAD83 GCS.

The PA*IRIS/WIS system is updated daily as well records, location plats, and plugging certificates are submitted to BTGS by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) field offices.

WIS is updated daily with data collected by DEP's eFACTS database, and therefore, provides the most up-to-date demographic information possible regarding oil and gas wells of record. In addition, the WIS database is augmented on a regular basis as geologic and support staff interpret location, completion, and plugging data provided by oil and gas operators. And last but not least, oil and gas production data collected by DEP is reviewed and uploaded by BTGS staff to WIS as they become available.


Figure 2 – “Inquire well details” screen in WIS. In this example, the Svetz No. 1 was drilled to 21,460 ft, encountering the Cambrian-age Gatesburg Formation at this depth. It was a dry hole, and BTGS has one completion report, one plugging certificate, one stratigraphic interpretation, and 6 geophysical logs on file for this particular well.

The PA*IRIS/WIS system provides quick access to data that are valuable to many parties. For system partners, PA*IRIS/WIS lets them remotely view, retrieve, and utilize current geologic, location, and permitting data for research, exploration, and business planning purposes. For the public, who access the system at either of the BTGS offices or by submitting a service request to our geologic staff, PA*IRIS/WIS offers “one-stop shopping” for oil and gas well drilling and production data that they might not otherwise have easy access to as individual citizens. Further, the data contained in PA*IRIS/WIS allows BTGS to perform subsurface geology, petroleum reservoir, and geologic carbon sequestration research in support of DCNR's mission to provide information on Pennsylvania's geologic resources.

Here are just a few of the many comments we've received from satisfied clients and customers over the years.

“Thank you so much for your information … as "absentee" owners of the mineral rights it has been very difficult to get accurate info. We appreciate your work and the services offered by the STATE of PA.”

“These are exactly the reports that I needed. Once again, thanks for your quick response.”

“Thank you for sending the completion reports for two of the wells … The main reason I am interested in the completion reports is that I am very interested in geology.  It is fascinating to know what formations are at that depth. Thank you for your assistance.”

“Wow - now that was fast service …THANKS”

“Thank you so much for forwarding all that good info.  Will keep me on the computer for at least a day!!  You were very kind to respond helpfully, and in a--better than-- timely fashion.  Don't really expect that from some Gov't departments…”

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BTGS is always receiving applications for new PA*IRIS/WIS members. Want to join the partnership? Please contact David Fletcher at 412-442-5826.

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