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Marcellus and other Organic-Rich Shale

Research on the Marcellus, Utica and other organic rich shales.

Hickory Run boulder field

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Want to Learn About Oil and Gas in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey publishes an Educational Series that informs the interested layman on a variety of geologic topics pertinent to our state, and one of the hottest topics today is the recent boom in oil and gas activity. Educational Series 8, Oil and Gas in Pennsylvania, takes a look at this important subject. This well-illustrated, 36-page booklet is a new (third) edition of a publication that has been out of print for several years. The authors of the previous edition, Kathy J. Flaherty and Thomas Flaherty, III, reenlisted to include the advancements in drilling techniques and to update the production statistics in this new edition. Kathy is a former Pennsylvania Geological Survey geologist who now works for ABARTA Energy, and Tom is a licensed professional geologist with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Oil and Gas Management. 

Take a journey with our guide “Spud” (his name is explained on page iv) through the pages of this booklet, and you will learn the uses of oil and gas (aka petroleum), how it forms, where it is found, how it is produced, and the special care that is taken to protect our environment. Toward the end of your journey, you will read about the history of the petroleum industry—ancient and modern, and you will discover the special place that Pennsylvania holds in that modern history. You can view the ES 8 booklet at the link above, or you can order a free printed copy from our office by following the instructions for ordering free publications