PAMAP - The Digital Base Map of Pennsylvania

PAMAP, a new electronic map of Pennsylvania, is a seamless, consistent, high-resolution set of digital, geospatial data products. The map is  compiled from new high-resolution aerial photography and elevation data, and from existing digital map resources developed by state and federal agencies, counties, regional agencies, and municipalities.

PAMAP’s digital files are available for downloading or as web-services through Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) with no user fee charged.  Tools for viewing and downloading PAMAP data are at the lower left of this page.  GIS users will want to download files for use on their computers or link to web services.  Users without GIS capability can view imagery or a Lidar hillshade with the viewer tool and can zoom to an area of interest and save a view for use in other applications.    PAMAP is part of an ambitious program of the federal government called The National Map, an effort coordinated by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to provide publicly available mapping. 

PAMAP is a collaborative effort of many Commonwealth organizations – state agencies, counties, local governments, and regional agencies. The collaborative approach is based on the fact that most local governments in Pennsylvania are already mapping within their jurisdictions for their own purposes. The detailed mapping scales used by local governments, combined with the frequency with which they update their maps to accommodate new land development and other changes, can support the map needs of most state and federal government agencies. The state and federal agencies can also provide additional information to the locally-derived maps from their own land and infrastructure management activities.