Publications and Digital Data

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey has been collecting and disseminating geologic and topographic data since the First Pennsylvania Geological Survey was formed in 1836. Over the years, hundreds of reports and maps were printed and published by the four geological surveys of our state, many in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey. The current (fourth) series of publications includes printed and digital products, mostly technical but also many popular and educational in scope.

Digital databases exist for Pennsylvania water wells, oil and gas wells, coalbed-methane wells, quarries, sinkholes, and earthquake epicenters. GIS datasets are included with many of the geologic maps and reports released since the year 2000.


Web-Mapping Application

PaGEODE is used for geographical searches of Pennsylvania Geological Survey data and publications. GIS data can be viewed in your web browser and downloaded. Publication search results provide resource links to publication summaries and downloads.


Digital Data

Descriptions and links to digital data distributed by the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. Also a portal to other sources of digital data used in geologic mapping.



Publications by Series

A brief description of the different publication series. Each description links to a comprehensive list of reports within the series, most of which are available online.


List of Publications

Pennsylvania Geological Publications has bibliographic information, including types of maps and scales, for many Fourth Survey reports and selected reports from the Third Survey. However, because the list stopped being updated in July 2012, the most recent reports are not listed, and ordering information, prices, and availability information are no longer relevant.



Pennsylvania Geology

A free online magazine published by the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey.


Information on Obtaining Publications

How to find and download publications that are available online, where to borrow publications that are out of print, how to purchase the hardbound book The Geology of Pennsylvania, and how to order free educational booklets, pamphlets, and maps.