Water Resource Reports

Description: Below is a list of water resource reports published by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. These are technical reports on groundwater resources of a specified area, usually a county. Most of the water resource reports were published as books with a large-scale, full-color geologic map. W 70 and W 71 were online publications, and W 69 was published on CD–ROM.

For reports published before July 2012, more detailed bibliographic information (including types of maps and map scales) is given in the Survey’s list of publications. Short report descriptions can be found on report landing pages, which are accessed through a publications search on the PaGEODE website.

Disclaimer: Each user is responsible for the appropriate application of Pennsylvania Geological Survey reports and data as explained in our official disclaimer.

Related Publications: The following Pennsylvania water resource publications are not part of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey water resource report series. Three are U.S. Geological Survey publications, and one is a Pennsylvania Geological Survey open-file report.


Availability: Each title in the list below is a link that will initiate the download of a ZIP file of the report. In addition, all water resource reports except for W 70 and W 71 can be borrowed from the Survey library or possibly from one of our repository libraries. If you are not near one of these libraries, you can go to a local library and ask the librarian to arrange an interlibrary loan.


Series No.
W 1
W 2
W 3
W 4
W 5
W 6
W 7
W 8
W 9
W 10
W 11
W 12
W 13
W 14
W 15
W 16
W 17
W 18
W 19
W 20
W 21
W 22
W 23
W 24
W 25
W 26
W 27
W 28
W 29
W 30
W 31
W 32
W 33
W 34
W 35
W 36
W 37
W 38
W 39
W 40
W 41
W 42
W 43
W 44
W 45
W 46
W 47
W 48
W 49
W 50
W 51
W 52
W 53
W 54
W 55
W 56
W 57
W 58
W 59
W 60
W 61
W 62
W 63
W 64
W 65
W 66
W 67
W 68
W 69
W 70
W 71